How Ri’ayah Helps Communities

Ri’ayah foundation is a foundation created by Liberians for Liberians. Ri’ayah means care and this foundation is here for the outcome, not the income. The majority of our staff and board is made up of Liberians therefore we have a personal, vested interest in the well-being and progress of Liberia.

Liberia is a rich country blessed with mineral resources however, after two devastating civil wars and the Ebola virus outbreak, Liberia needs our help. About 80 per cent of the population live below the UN poverty line and the literacy rate is around 62 per cent for men and around 34 per cent for women. Ri’ayah foundation believes the people of Liberia are ready for a new beginning, for hope, and a better future. To achieve this, we at the Ri’ayah foundation has divided our vision into eight projects.


  1. Community Building – Community Building is essential to lift vulnerable communities out of absolute poverty. Our work in building communities includes building infrastructure and putting systems in place that will help empower communities. So many underprivileged communities in Liberia lack the basic resources for survival. Resources such as clean drinking water which is essential for day-to-day life. Ri’ayah wants to provide vulnerable communities with the necessities they need to survive and thrive.
  2. Education – Liberia has an over 60 per cent out of school rate. This means 2 out of 10 children are out of school. Education is important in vulnerable communities. Education provides individuals with access to better opportunities and more stable sources of income. Education is important because it can help people discover their true potential. Education provides the vulnerable with an alternative and a way to access bigger opportunities. Ri’ayah wants to improve education in Liberia’s underprivileged communities by first repairing existing school infrastructures that were damaged during the civil wars. The foundation also wants to have programs that’ll educate the teaching staff and bring them up to standard. Many of the existing schools lack basic amenities such as chairs, textbooks, and other school materials. Without these materials, education becomes inaccessible and the opportunities available to vulnerable children are reduced. To uplift vulnerable communities, we must begin with the children.
  3. Empowerment of Girls – Female empowerment is an integral part of Ri’ayah’s mission. The discrepancies between male and females are heartbreaking and must be addressed. Ri’ayah Empowerment of Girls project focuses on encouraging girls to lead, learn, and try new things. By encouraging girls to contribute and be productive with their talent, craft, and passions, Ri’ayah believes this will lead to bigger financial opportunities.
  4. Healthcare – By the end of the civil wars in 2003, Liberia’s healthcare systems were already overwhelmed. Barely a decade later, the Ebola Virus hit and killed almost 5,000 people. The healthcare system has not recovered from these events. Ri’ayah believes that adequate infrastructure and trained personnel will be transformative for Liberia.
  5. Leadership Development – Ri’ayah’s motto reads, “Developing leaders for a better tomorrow.” Through leadership development programs, Ri’ayah aims to inspire and motivate the next generation of Liberian leaders.
  6. Nutrition – Ri’ayah believes that children should not have to fight or struggle to access nutrition.  The foundation strives to fight malnutrition and its vast effects across the communities through the collection and distribution of food, healthcare and investments in local farmers. Meeting the basic needs of vulnerable families is our goal.
  7. Youth Development Programs – Youth Development Programs are organized to empower the youth, educate them, and show them the opportunities that can arise from learning a trade and/or pursuing further education. The Ri’ayah foundation offers baking classes, sewing/fashion design classes, computer literacy classes, carpentry classes, and classes on agriculture.
  8. Project Ramadan – Project Ramadan is a yearly program organized by Ri’ayah to give food items to vulnerable families during the holy month of Ramadan.

These projects and more need funds for maintenance and a wider-reaching impact. Liberia has so much untapped potential. Donate towards the future of Liberia

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