Youth Development Programs

The youth development programs are skill training programs designed to provide our youth with useful skills as they participate in an activity in their field of interest outside school hours. The acquisition of skills is of great importance, as it can provide a good source of income to many across the world. The goal of these programs is to teach our youth to be self-sufficient. By assisting children to survive to reach adulthood, we enable them to become self-supporting individuals who are able to care for themselves, their families, and contribute significantly to the future of their community. Learning any of these skills will be a way for our youth to provide for themselves, and will enable them to be less dependent on handouts.

Sewing/Fashion Design Classes

The world today is moving towards entrepreneurship, and fashion design is one of the leading entrepreneurial skills that Liberian youth can learn easily. Learning to sew and/or become fashion designers will both enable them to provide for their own immediate clothing needs and provide them with a marketable skill needed by others. We are committed to teaching them how to make a living from this skill.

Computer Literacy

 In this computer age, the knowledge and use of computers is vastly embraced around the world. The importance of computers cannot be overemphasized. They make work easier and faster, and are a vital agent of transformation in many developed and developing countries today. With the Computer Literacy program, Liberian youth will become computer literate, and this will definitely have a positive effect on their communities. Computers are now part of our lives, playing an important role in business, education, and healthcare. They are an integral part of our professional lives and in the development of a nation. Consequently, for our youth to compete in today’s job market, it is essential that they have adequate computer skills.


At Ri’ayah Foundation, we are committed to ending childhood hunger by educating the youth about  methods and benefits of growing their own food. Liberia is well suited to farming, yet instead of having a surplus of food, which the land could provide if properly cultivated, there is barely enough. Very little livestock is raised in Liberia, with 80% of the protein people eat coming from fish. Sadly, even the availability of fish has been reduced by climate change and recent flooding. These factors add up to a sobering fact: in a country with rich agricultural lands, more than half the food must be imported, raising the price of food for a people already struggling to survive. We believe that by introducing more successful farming practices and providing needed tools and supplies to grow their own food, Liberians will live a better life and be able to provide food for their own families.

Carpentry Classes

Carpentry is another type of work that will always be relevant. Many houses are being built, and carpentry is needed in the process. Every youth interested in this skill will be trained on how to make pieces of furniture that are daily necessities. Carpentry skills will help them to provide for themselves and their families.

Baking Classes

This is another means of producing food for human consumption. Foods such as cake, bread, snacks and the likes will always be consumed daily, making baking a good source of daily income. Learning this skill will help individuals support their communities with food. In turn, providing food for others will provide a living – and food – for themselves.


With our experienced advisor, invested staff, local Liberian partners, and increased funding, we will continue to develop new strategies to help us reach our overarching goal of improving the future of Liberian youth.


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