The Role Of UNICEF In Giving Hope To Vulnerable Children


 UNICEF or The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund was established on the 11th of December, 1946 in New York, United States. In 1953, UNICEF permanently joined the UN and changed its name from the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund to the current name, the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund. UNICEF was originally created to provide food as well as healthcare to the children and the mothers in countries that had been disproportionately destroyed by the Second World War.

UNICEF is currently working in more than one hundred and ninety (190) countries and communities to reach the children, infants, and adolescents at the most disadvantaged. UNICEF also works to provide every child with a fair chance, help, safety, and an education.



 According to the UNICEF website, the organization has a few areas of focus. Let’s explore these areas briefly.

  1. Child Protection and Inclusion – This area emphasizes the necessity of protecting ALL children. Every child should grow up in a safe environment and an environment that is inclusive and non-discriminatory.  Children deserve freedom of expression and the right to grow up without fear for their life or safety. UNICEF works to ensure this by working with partners situated around the world and promoting policies that enable more services to protect all children.
  2.  Child Survival – Child Survival entails the reduction of child mortality (child deaths under the age of five). This is done through postnatal care, more medical services, nutrition, immunization, WASH: water, sanitation, and hygiene, and programs providing information on early childhood development. Children in vulnerable communities are more likely to fall victim to child mortality. In Sierra Leone, the child mortality rate is around 110 deaths for every 1000 live births. In Nigeria, the child mortality rate is around 60 deaths for every 1000 live births. In Liberia, the child mortality rate is around 80 deaths for every 1000 live births. Child Survival is very important in vulnerable areas like these to ensure children are able to survive and flourish.
  3.  Education – UNICEF works to reduce the out-of-school rates in vulnerable communities. Through programs for children with disabilities, UNICEF play, early childhood development, and gender equality, UNICEF works to ensure no one is left behind.
  4. Social Policy – Social Policy entails reducing child poverty and shielding children from the lifelong consequences of absolute poverty. The consequences of poverty are far-reaching. By encouraging and putting policies in place, child poverty and child labor can be tackled head-on.
  5.  Gender – Female children are at significant risk in vulnerable communities. There is a threat of trafficking, assault, abuse, and violence. Female children also have a higher percentage of out-of-school students according to statistics published about West Africa’s out-of-school dilemma. UNICEF encourages female empowerment and participation in politics, society, and the economy.
  6.  Innovation for Children – Innovation is necessary when it comes to child survival and support. Solutions are often needed faster than is physically possible. Through the use of innovation and creative ideas, UNICEF is able to push for solutions faster and provide needed care and attention for children, infants, adolescents, and young people in vulnerable conditions. UNICEF works with partners to increase innovation at UNICEF, innovation during emergencies, innovation in education, and the production of innovative products.


Without a doubt, UNICEF’s work is admirable however, there are some people who have fallen through the crack and are not receiving the help they need. Ri’ayah foundation is a foundation by Liberians for Liberians. We see the urgent need and this foundation has been created to fill that need. Donate or sponsor a child directly today.

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