The Ri’ayah Foundation Can Use Your Help

Our project consists of different phases and is volunteer based. 100% of all donations go directly to the cause. We are currently looking for individuals who will help us take Ri’ayah to the next level not only by donating money, but through voluntary donations of their time. We need people to help raise funds and basic essential donations (e.g., nonperishable food, clothes, medical supplies,books and other school supplies).We are also need experienced teachers, doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists or interns to serve in temporary voluntary positions overseas, to help with medical missions, and to help with our training programs. Whatever your abilities, we can find a way for you to help!

How Does the Volunteer Program Work?

Volunteers can choose whether to live with a local family to be completely immersed in the local cultureor stay in a home specifically for volunteers.  Volunteers can select terms of service which best fit their schedule – from one week commitments to a month or longer – we will accommodate them for the length of their stay. Volunteers must pass a background check and receive a brief orientation before going overseas; once they arrive on the ground in Liberia, they will be introduced to our local staff there and go through another orientation to prepare them for the work they will be doing.  After the orientation, they will meet the staff and group they will be working with. Our local staff will work with volunteers to familiarize them with the work, the community and the culture.


Want to Learn about Other Cultures while Doing Your Part for Humanity?

If you are interested in a life-changing cultural experience, learning to communicate with different cultures, bringing technological advancements to and helping the less fortunate and deprived, then you should consider volunteering to work with the Ri’ayah Foundation